Ways to Give

Climate adaptation is more important than ever. Please donate.

There are four ways to donate:

1. Give online
2. Give through a Donor Advised Fund
3. Shop using Amazon Smiles
4. Send a check to: Model Forest Policy Program, PO Box 328, Sagle, ID 83860

Model Forest Policy Program is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible!

Model Forest Policy Program is dedicated to helping communities increase resilience and protecting people who are most vulnerable to climate change. We do this through our Climate Solutions University program.

We have helped over 40 communities across the United States engage leaders and passionate stakeholders as they plan to conserve water resources, protect vulnerable citizens from floods and drought, preserve watershed health, stabilize micro climates, maintain species habitat, preserve the economy, and ensure community climate resilience.

Thank you for your support!