Self-Paced Adaptation Planning

Are you lacking the capacity to invest in a full time adaptation planning program, but still want to learn and plan? If so, our Self-Paced Adaptation Planning Program is for you!

In the self-paced program you get access to 7 online learning modules. During these modules, you watch pre-recorded webinars where our team of experts teaches you how to lead your community through a climate adaptation planning process. Then, you complete assignments that put your learning into practice and help you create your plan.

If you get stuck at any point, our consultants are ready to help. You go at your own pace, and at the end you will have a climate adaptation plan that is ready for action!

Do you have questions about the Self-Paced Program? Contact Recruitment Coordinator Josh Dye at 612-481-8059 or Email Josh.

Here is a high-level content overview of the self-paced program:

Module 1 – Overview of Climate Solutions University, Climate Change, & Team Building

  • Program Overview & Team Building
  • Why Communities Need Climate Adaptation Planning
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Vulnerable Populations

Module 2 – Agile Strategic Planning & Stakeholder Engagement

  • Agile Planning & Stakeholder Engagement
  • Ecosystem Services Framework
  • Anticipated Risks & Impacts
  • Policy & Education
  • Preparing for In-Depth Assessments

Module 3 – Climate Risk & Opportunity Assessment

  • Landscape Baseline Assessment: Terrestrial
  • Landscape Baseline Assessment: Watershed
  • Ecosystem Services Assessment Tool
  • Rural Landscape Risk Assessment
  • Rural Forest Resources
  • Rural Water Resources
  • Rural Agriculture
  • Rural Socioeconomics
  • Urban Landscape Risk Assessment
  • Urban Public Health
  • Urban Water Resources
  • Urban Agriculture & Food Security
  • Urban Land Use & Built Infrastructure
  • Risk Assessment: Prioritization

Module 4 – Adaptation Solutions

  • On-the-Ground Solutions
  • Top Risks & Desired Future Conditions
  • Water Adaptation Challenges, Strategies & Solutions
  • Public Policy Solutions
  • Education & Collaboration Solutions

Module 5 – Adaptation Action Plan

  • Adaptation Action Planning
  • Transformational Change

Module 6 – Implementation Action Steps

  • Education
  • Public Policy
  • On-the-Ground Conservation, Restoration & Resource Management
  • Vulnerable Citizens
  • Funding
  • Tracking Results

Module 7 – Climate Adaptation Plan Draft Review!

Investment – $6,500 (this includes $1,500 (10 hours) worth of consulting services to help you create a great plan!)

It is a self-paced program, so what are you waiting for?

Do you have questions or need to pay a different way? Contact Recruitment Coordinator Josh Dye at 612-481-8059 or email Josh to get started.