Apply to CSU and Take Your Community Planning to the Next Level

The CSU program provides communities and organizations with a systematic approach to lay the foundation for collaborative efforts to identify and implement solutions at the local level for the climate crisis we are facing globally.

~ Lindsay Taylor
former Program Coordinator, Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association, Washington

Application Deadline Extended
We’re talking with qualified communities nationwide who are excited to participate in Climate Solutions University but who are also facing challenges to find matching funds for this program. Our primary role throughout the climate planning process is to provide support. We are working with interested communities to help fill funding gaps and have extended our application deadline as a result.

Your organization is invited to apply to the 2013 programs of Climate Solutions University (CSU)!

These programs offer North American (primarily U.S.) communities the opportunity to assess and respond to climate-related risks that may be threatening their infrastructure, budgets and resident well-being while also joining a growing national peer learning network of climate planning communities.

Enrolled communities participate in a proven step by step process that includes mentoring, outside perspectives, fosters peer exchanges, inspires possibilities, and breaks a complicated and often overwhelming process into manageable pieces. This leading edge programming also positions communities to draw in new funding and economic resources in future years.


Climate Solutions University communities have taken impressive steps to protect forest cover, stabilize water resources, preserve habitat, and reduce public risk:

  • Moab, UT is building its first regional watershed plan;
  • Sumner County and Cookeville, TN added climate change provisions to its County Comprehensive Plan;
  • Bonner County, ID protected over a 1,000 miles of streams with riparian buffers in its land use codes;
  • Keene, NH improved state forest policy;
  • Northern California communities are benefiting from their shared knowledge, resources and expanded relationships
2013 Programs

Climate Adaptation Plan Development Program
(up to 8 positions available)
Climate Solutions University’s (CSU) online curriculum, webinars, and community calls will guide your stakeholder team through in-depth assessments of the local risks and opportunities related to climate, forest, water, and economic conditions. You’ll then analyze and synthesize your findings into a local climate adaptation plan focused on forest and water resource resilience.

Climate Adaptation Plan Implementation Program
(8 Positions available)
Receive group and individual support for converting planning into action and change.


To begin your application process, please click on the links under “Application Materials” to the upper left.
This program has been an amazing and incredibly orchestrated environmental mentorship, like none other I have worked with in thirty years of advocacy.

~ Tom Sintros, Sustainability Project, New Hampshire

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