Climate Solutions University: Forest & Water Strategies

Climate change is fundamentally impacting the people, natural resources, and economy in your community.

The time to act is now, and we are here to help with the following climate adaptation planning and implementation programs!

Plan Development Program
Are you ready to dig deep and lead your region in an adaptation planning process? If so, take a look at our Plan Development Program!

Implementation Assistance
Do you already have a climate adaptation plan but need technical assistance and coaching to implement it? Then check out our Implementation Programs.

Gap Assessment
Dive in to our Climate Adaptation Gap Assessment to identify your areas of greatest need, and prioritize what adaptation and/or implementation work you need to do next.

Self-Paced Adaptation Planning
Are you lacking the capacity to invest in a full-time, year-long program, but still want to learn and plan? Take a look at our Self-Paced Adaptation Planning Program.

Consulting & Coaching
Do you have a specific problem you could solve through expert consulting? Connect with the professionals on our team for targeted consulting and coaching!

Summary of our Programs & Capabilities

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