Implementation Assistance

Have you already assessed your community’s climate risks and identified resilience goals? If so, Model Forest Policy Program is here to help you implement your adaptation goals.

We have a variety of ways to support your implementation activities. Get ready to make real progress in building the resilience and capacity of your organization, staff, and community!

Here are the types of implementation assistance we offer:

  • Clarity and Focus: An efficient project management and workplan process will bring clarity and focus that facilitates efficient and successful action steps.
  • Team Champion: A member of our team of experts will serve as your personal adaptation advisor and concierge of support services to keep your project on track.
  • Collective Wisdom: Tapping into the experience of our Adaptation Team brings input from collective wisdom and strategic thinking that yields a specific support plan to achieve your goals.
  • Impact Consulting: Access to “impact consulting” will help solve your problems and fill your knowledge gaps.
  • Targeted Support Services: A targeted support plan will provide resources and efficient strategies to integrate your adaptation goals into sustainable implementation through existing plans or practices.
  • Resilience Action Groups: Participation in “resilience action groups,” organized around common topics or regions, will unleash the power of shared learning and group wisdom to catalyze breakthroughs in implementation actions.
  • Communications: Support for effective climate communications will raise the level of team engagement and stakeholder support for your chosen activities.
  • Education and Training: Engaging in targeted webinars and short courses will provide key knowledge sharing and peer learning opportunities targeted to meet your most important needs.
  • Professional Development: Participants will build their professional skills and expertise for leadership, project management, peer-learning, and project specific expertise on climate resilience.

Do you need implementation assistance? If so, contact our Recruitment Coordinator Josh. Call or text him at 612-481-8059 or Email Josh to discuss your interest.