Climate Resilience Funding Guide

The greatest barrier to implementation of climate adaptation projects is lack of funding.

Our team compiled a Climate Resilience Funding Guide to help communities identify financial support for climate adaptation projects.

This guide will help you learn about established funding programs that have evolved to provide funding for climate adaptation activities, and to match those funding sources with local adaptation goals.

The Climate Resilience Funding Guide features 34 grant programs that support climate adaptation work. 

The guide helps you save time by listing the following details for each program:

  • Eligibility
  • Matching requirements
  • Grant cycle dates
  • Funding range

In addition, the guide lists specific types of adaptation activities that each program funds, and includes guidance from the funding provider specific to their climate adaptation interests.

Finally, there is a bonus section that summarizes the support FEMA provides for climate resilience projects. 

The following links to resources are included in this bonus section:

  • Aquifer storage and recovery
  • Flood diversion and storage
  • Floodplain and stream restoration
  • Green infrastructure methods
  • Benefit Cost Analysis Tools
  • Ecosystem services benefits calculator
  • Job aids, fact sheets, and more!

Get ready to find funding for your projects, and please keep us posted on your results!

Information in the funding guide is based on information compiled from funders in 2016.

Fill out the form below to receive the funding guide (it is free, but we would love it if you supported us with a donation here)!