Climate Adaptation Gap Assessment

As leaders, it is crucial to take targeted steps to address the impacts of climate change in your community. In order to make progress and work with purpose, you need to understand the gaps in how you are adapting to climate change, and prioritize your work.

We have you covered with our new Climate Adaptation Gap Assessment! This 5-Step Gap Assessment takes you through the following process:

Step 1 – An in-depth survey that assesses the following:

  1. Your Political Environment & Community Support around climate change
  2. Climate Risks & Impacts that Threaten Your Community
  3. Existing Plans, Policies, & Assessments Impacting Your Area (action plans, adaptation plans, emergency management plans, forest management plan, & more)
  4. Water Risks and Impacts
  5. Forest Risks and Impacts
  6. Vulnerable Populations Assessment
  7. Economic Risks and Impacts

Step 2 – Existing Planning Document Review
To know where you are going, you have to know what work is already done. Our team will review climate relevant documents that impact your area. For example:

  • Comprehensive Plan
  • Land Use Planning/Codes
  • Hazard Mitigation Plan

Step 3 – Climate Gap Triage
Our team of experts reviews your survey responses and planning documents to identify gaps and solutions. This allows your community to prioritize the next adaptation action steps it should take.

Step 4 – The Huddle: Action Preview
At this point we meet to discuss the gaps we found, and together prioritize next steps to take in your adaptation planning.

Step 5 – The Blueprint
This final document is built for action. It will list the priority issues you need to address, and the steps we recommend you could take next to make progress based on the gap assessment process!

These are the goals you will achieve through this gap assessment:

    1. Identify community strengths and assets for climate resilience opportunities.
    2. Identify areas of greatest need, and gaps in knowledge and capacity.
    3. Focused guidance for a climate resilience agenda for your community.
    4. Obtain recommendations for climate adaptation actions (planning &/or implementation).

Investment – $3,500

Do you have questions or need to pay a different way? Contact Josh at 612-481-8059 or email