About the Model Forest Policy Program



Two-thirds of U.S. fresh water originates on forested land. Forest management, water resources and climate change go hand in hand. Model Forest Policy Program is building the field of climate adaptation, and addressing the urgent issue of climate change, by training climate resilient communities through our online climate adaptation planning program Climate Solutions University: Forest & Water Strategies.

The goal of Climate Solutions University is to build community capacity for climate resilience for at-risk urban and rural populations, and the critical forested watershed ecosystems and ecosystem services upon which they depend.

The program guides communities across the country in engaging a stakeholder team to conduct climate adaptation planning and implementation that:

  • Protects vulnerable populations in rural and urban regions from the impacts of climate change.
  • Strengthens urban areas whose water resources, public health, and economic stability depend on ecosystem services in adjacent rural areas.
  • Develops leadership capacity in program participants on the forefront of climate adaptation planning.
  • Builds the field of climate adaptation.

At the end of the program communities have a locally targeted, finished plan that is ready for implementation. View past climate adaptation plans from program participants here.

The project draws upon a partnership led by the Model Forest Policy Program in collaboration with The Cumberland River Compact.  The Compact coordinates the Climate Solutions University curriculum and provides education on team building, water resources, watershed issues and action implementation.

Mission: The Model Forest Policy Program is a national nonprofit that builds the capacity of communities to be climate resilient by sustaining water resources, productive forests, citizens’ wellbeing, and thriving economies.